Danger Thin Ice

Addiction Treatment and Support Groups can sometimes make things worse.  
With No Support or Treatment at all a person can sometimes be better off, Depending on the Treatment and Support that's offered.

This has got to change.

This web site is one small step in making that change happen sooner.

We can no longer live in the Dark Age of Treatment and Support without lifting a Voice to make a change for the better happen.

 I see a real need to give Warnings as well as and along side encouragement and support.

I believe there is a real need for this kind of web site.

All to often the talk about the dangers are treated as if they were Taboo.

Warnings are treated as a Taboo place we should never go because to go there we risk being attacked and accused of bringing a death sentence to people who are on the fence.  People who, this information may be just enough to cause them not to seek help. 

If this so called help does more harm than good and we are finding that no treatment in many cases is better then treatment then what's the problem in exposing the worst of it?

I say if there is danger and it's pointed out then it either should be fixed and made safe or signs should be all around it pointing to that danger and this is what is being done here.


All to often there is fear that giving warnings will make the person sharing his or her real life experiences, be looked upon as bitter or obsessed with the past and not able to move on.

I personally think nothing could be father from the truth.

I see it as a healthy undertaking that just might make some real changes in how the world of Treatment - Support - provide information and it may lead to a close critical look to see if what's being offered is helpful or harmful.

This is a web site set up by Duaine Metevia, for people to share the Dangers They Encountered, in the hopes that the Warnings of "Danger Thin Ice" will give a heads up -- be aware that there may be dangers out there.

Presenting negatives for some may seem counter productive, but for others pointing out a negative gives a direction in the opposite of the harmful, hurtful, and dangers direction others have experienced.  To set a course around an obstacle can be a quicker and safer way to achieving a realistic goal and purpose. 

I believe we can create a safe place for ourselves and I am willing to work to achieve that end.

A negative can be turned into a positive.

I could go on and on explaining how I feel this can be a very positive thing but I will stop here and maybe some others will add to this.

I welcome your real life experiences and want to include as many as possible in this web site.

Duainem@gmail.com  Attn; Duaine Metevia


"Danger Thin Ice"

Real Life Experiences and what were found to be Dangers Waters.


Some may find this information disturbing or think of it as bashing, a group but The Truth Is The Truth and we have every right to share our Life Experiences because it might help the next person, by presenting information that is normally suppressed.

Why is this information suppressed and why is necessary to set up a web site to bring information that should be freely given to us from our free press and free media?

Where is our Free Press??

Where is our Free Media??


Danger Thin Ice

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