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AA Guidelines for Cooperating with Court,
D.W.I. and Similar Programs

From the AA web site

AA will clam it has no part in Coercion and at the same time tell it's members how to approach the Courts to get them to force people into the AA Cult.

AA wants it's cake and eat it to.

Coercion would not be happening if AA hadn't started making it happen a very long time ago.

In the USA we have a Constitution that protects us from just such a thing.

Where are the Lawyers??

Judges force people into a Religious Cult and answer to No One.

If people can be forced into one Religious Cult then why not others?

Scientology -- Moonies --




"Danger Thin Ice"

Real Life Experiences in Dangers Waters.


Some may find this information disturbing or think of it as bashing, a group but "The Truth Is The Truth" and we have every right to share our Life Experiences because it might help the next person, by presenting information that is normally suppressed.

Why is this information suppressed and why is necessary to set up a web site to bring information that should be freely given to us from our free press and free media?

Where is our Free Press??

Where is our Free Media??

The #1 web site you should visit "Agent Orange" -- https://www.orange-papers.info/menu1.html

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AA Guidelines for Cooperating with Court, D.W.I. and Similar Programs

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